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Welcome to Hypnogoria, Britain's longest running horror podcast!

Coming to you from the Great Library of Dreams, Mr Jim Moon invites you to take a comfy armchair by the fireside to talk of all things weird and wonderful. Here we discuss strange cinema and spooky television, explore weird fiction and delve into the mysteries of folklore. Plus we also regularly gather by the fireside to hear readings of some classic tales of the strange and the macabre.

Dec 19, 2021

In this new chapter of In Search of Santa, we discover the history of Christmas gift-bringers in Scandinavia, from the present day Julemanden, to the more ancient Yule Goat and the Jultomten!

Dec 12, 2021

In this episode we have our traditional Christmas commentary, revisiting a classic television adaptation of an MR James tale. Tonight we have reached Christmas 1974, and this year the BBC's A Ghost Story for Christmas was The Treasure of Abbot Thomas, directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark.

Dec 5, 2021

In this festive special we explore the legends and lore of Herne the Hunter. We examine his appearances in classics such The Box of Delights, The Dark is Rising and Robin of Sherwood, explore his connections with the Wild Hunt and Christmas, and untangle his history and folklore from Shakespeare, ghost stories, and the...

Nov 28, 2021

The horrors of '43 continue with mad science zombies in The Mad Ghoul, an eerie anthology of tales in Flesh & Fantasy, and Holmes tangles with The Spider Woman! Universal also begins another franchise with Calling Dr Death - the first of the Inner Sanctum Mysteries starring Lon Chaney Jnr.

Nov 21, 2021

1943 was another bumper year for Universal, with a new Phantom of the Opera, Lon Chaney Jnr. taking on the cloak of the Count in Son of Dracula, and a new franchise launching with Captive Wild Woman. Even the adventures of Holmes and Watson were taking an eerie turn...