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Welcome to Hypnogoria, Britain's longest running horror podcast!

Coming to you from the Great Library of Dreams, Mr Jim Moon invites you to take a comfy armchair by the fireside to talk of all things weird and wonderful. Here we discuss strange cinema and spooky television, explore weird fiction and delve into the mysteries of folklore. Plus we also regularly gather by the fireside to hear readings of some classic tales of the strange and the macabre.

Jan 29, 2012

This week we are returning to the works of the great GK Chesterton, for a second tale featuring his clerical sleuth Father Brown. At a dinner party held by the famous police detective Valentin, the little priest discovers an unwanted additional course on the menu… vicious bloody murder!

Jan 22, 2012

In the first of a new occasional series, Mr Jim Moon foolishly decides to chart all the various spin-offs, remakes and sequels to George Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead. In this opening episode, we discuss the Zombi: L’alba Dei Morti Viventi - AKA Dario Argento cut of Dawn of the Dead, Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2...

Jan 14, 2012

This week as the snow and ice lies deep and crisp and even, Mr Jim Moon reads a wintry classic from Bram Stoker. So take your place in the carriage for a visit to Dracula’s Guest

Jan 8, 2012

In a not-at-all definitive review of the year, Mr Jim Moon has a look at the state of film and TV in 2011. Items from the silver screen discussed include Fright Night, The Thing, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, X Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Paul, Attack The Block, Cowboys and Aliens, and Sucker Punch. And on the...