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Welcome to Hypnogoria, Britain's longest running horror podcast!

Coming to you from the Great Library of Dreams, Mr Jim Moon invites you to take a comfy armchair by the fireside to talk of all things weird and wonderful. Here we discuss strange cinema and spooky television, explore weird fiction and delve into the mysteries of folklore. Plus we also regularly gather by the fireside to hear readings of some classic tales of the strange and the macabre.

Mar 25, 2018

In this episode, Mr Jim Moon takes an in-depth look at the Oscar winning monster movie from Guillermo del Toro. First we have a spoiler-free review of The Shape of Water, and then in the second half, we delve deeper, exploring its connections to The Creature From the Black Lagoon movies and other connections to...

Mar 18, 2018

In this episode Mr Jim Moon takes a look at the further adventures of the Gill-man, exploring Revenge of the Creature (1955) and The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

Mar 13, 2018

A little bonus episode for you all relating an childhood encounter with the Creature! 

Mar 12, 2018

In this episode, we continue on your exploration of the Gill-man and take an in-depth look at the classic horror SF movie The Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954) directed by the great Jack Arnold. Plus we also take a peek at the Gill-man in print and unearth various plots for remakes.

Mar 4, 2018

In this episode, Mr Jim Moon invites you all to take a leisurely boat trip down the Amazon river to the Black Lagoon. Here we'll learn of the origin and history of its famous resident monster the Gill-man, and all about the making of the classic movie The Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)