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Welcome to Hypnogoria, Britain's longest running horror podcast!

Coming to you from the Great Library of Dreams, Mr Jim Moon invites you to take a comfy armchair by the fireside to talk of all things weird and wonderful. Here we discuss strange cinema and spooky television, explore weird fiction and delve into the mysteries of folklore. Plus we also regularly gather by the fireside to hear readings of some classic tales of the strange and the macabre.

May 14, 2023

The Doomscribe returns! Garth Marenghi returns with a new novel that is a trilogy in one single book! How does that work? Well, find out in this podcast!

Apr 9, 2023

In this show, Mr Jim revisits a favourite volume from his childhood - I've Seen a Ghost by Richard Davis, in  which various stars of stage and screen related their own encounters with the supernatural!

Feb 26, 2023

In this podcast, we once again have a delve on the haunted shelves and sample a selection of books providing guides to ghosts and hauntings across the British Isles, including the marvellous books by the late great Peter Underwood. 

Feb 12, 2023

This week we take another dive into the vaults and have a delve on some haunted shelves, with Mr Jim exploring some favourite spooky kids books from the 1970s and the 1980s featuring tomes from Aidan Chambers, Eric Maple, and the scarier Piccolo Explorers Books.

Jan 15, 2023

In a special episode unearthed from the Patreon vaults, Mr Jim takes a look back at some of his favourite books on ghosts and hauntings from his childhood in the '70s and '80s -  a time when there were loads of spooky books for kids !