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Welcome to Hypnogoria, Britain's longest running horror podcast!

Coming to you from the Great Library of Dreams, Mr Jim Moon invites you to take a comfy armchair by the fireside to talk of all things weird and wonderful. Here we discuss strange cinema and spooky television, explore weird fiction and delve into the mysteries of folklore. Plus we also regularly gather by the fireside to hear readings of some classic tales of the strange and the macabre.

Jun 30, 2019

In which we learn more of life in the subterranean blue-litten realm of K'n-yan, hear about the mysteries of red-litten Yoth, a deeper darker elder realm, and the black horrors that dwell in the abyss of N'kai...

Jun 23, 2019

In which we learn of the strange and ancient realm of K'n-yan, which lies deep beneath the earth, where weird gods such as Tulu and Yig are worshipped by the advanced but decadent inhabitants.

Jun 14, 2019

In the first of a few little mini-casts sprinkled on the feed while The Mound runs, Mr Jim takes a spoiler-free look at the latest chapter of the Monsterverse, Godzilla King of the Monsters

Jun 13, 2019

In which our narrator delves into a strange manuscript that tells a Spanish conquistador who discovered strange things and stranger places deep beneath the earth...

Jun 9, 2019

In which our narrator learns more of the strange history of the mound, begins his own excavations, and makes a most curious discovery...